Making sound visible

Rapidly locate and document factory air/gas leaks and electrical discharges/Corona

save £££ and C02

Another compressed air leak example

Hand-held, waterproof, battery powered, touch screen,...

Environmental noise from air vents

Environmental noise source location

Electrical discharge from faulty coil

Electrical discharge from faulty component

Electrical insulator breakdown

Electrical insulator breakdown

Electrical discharge

Rapidly locate and document factory air/gas leaks and electrical discharge
save £££ and C02

Same compressed air-leak up close, showing leak between 2 flanges

Like Thermal imaging, but for sound instead of heat

Shows noise sources live on-screen

Find noisy machines and reduce workplace noise and environmental noise

Monitor critical plant for preventative maintenance

Become your own acoustic expert with this easy to use, game-changing tool

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We lead the acoustic camera market, both worldwide and in the UK, because we have the best capabilities for extremely competitive prices.

Our UK customers include:
JLR, Bentley, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd, Airbus, many F1 Teams, Royal Enfield Motorcycles, Sony Europe, Kraft Heinz, SSE, National Grid, National Highways, Building Research Establishment Limited, Sullair EMEA, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, National Nuclear Laboratory, Portsmouth City Council Environmental Health Department, Ipswich Council, TLV(UK),...

*** Priced around £ 10k, but rental, leasing and consulting also available***