We make sound visible

Like Thermal imaging, but for sound instead of heat

This is a tool that tells you in seconds what used to take days, at a price lower than some sound level meters!

We are the only company offering a fully portable, waterproof battery powered unit, with 64 microphones and 100 frames/second of live acoustic video. It takes about 30 seconds to start up, and has simple touch screen controls. Unbelievable quality, accuracy, portability and an unbeatable price for state-of-the-art quality made in Germany.

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Advanced Engineering Exhibition - 30th to 31st October 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham
The Health & Safety Event - 28th to 30th April 2020 at the NEC, BIRMINGHAM

New! Sound visualisation of a Viola

We recorded a single chord on the viola, from a single viewpoint, and carried out a "quick and dirty" analysis of the frequency peaks. With the acoustic camera we could visualise which parts or surfaces of the instrument are responsible for amplifying those peaks. An excellent tool for instrument builders and product developers alike! 

Unlimited Applications

Like thermal imaging, our sound imaging products have a practically unlimited number of possible applications.

Looking for leaks in your factory compressed air system, that costs you money every day?
Responsible for health and safety, but need to know which machine or part of the machine is making all the noise?

Want to optimise the sound of your product, seeking out specific frequencies that annoy, or put you over the allowed limits?

Our SoundCam is battery powered and portable, and can be operated by anyone without training or special skills

For acoustic experts we also have a wide range of more sophisticated products with advanced capabilities, checkout our BIONIC range