Making Sound VISIBLE!

We are the UK distributor for the world market leader in Acoustic Cameras, CAE Software and Systems GmbH from Germany.  We rent, sell and support their Acoustic Cameras, and also offer expert consulting with these powerful tools.  We now offer CPD approved training courses as well.

Why are we the best?  We combine an incredibly easy to use, touch screen interface common to all our products, with several hours of battery powered, waterproof portability, the best specs AND the best prices!

You can browse our website or jump straight to the CAE website, where you will find all details and specifications, as well as many example videos.  Their site is of course in english as well as German.

About us

SOUNDCAM UK   is a trading name of Acoustic Camera UK Ltd., a distributor for acoustic cameras and accessories from  CAE Systems GmbH, MADE IN GERMANY .  We are the market leaders for innovative acoustic cameras. We also offer rental, acoustic consulting services and CPD approved training.