Coming Soon: CPD Accreddited Training Courses

The following training days can either be held at your company site, or you can attend at our conference suite in Coventry.  A maximum of 10 attendees is possible.

Module 1 : Noise - and how to fix it! - 1 day
This one day heavily practical-based course aims to take the mystery out of acoustics, with hands-on excercises that illustrate the principles and practices covered, as well as cover the measurement of noise and vibration, how sound is gernerated, amplified and transmitted, as well as how to control it.  It is aimed at engineers involved in product design and development, health and safety (workplace noise) but also at managers who need to understand acoustic requirements and how they can be met.  The use of traditional technologies such as measurement microphones, sound level meters and accelerometers will be covered, but also the game changing new technology of sound cameras.

Module 2 : Advanced Sound Source Detection - 1 day
This course is aimed at acoustic engineers but is also appropriate for engineers with only some experience in acoustics, or those who have already attended Module1.  It is also an intensely workshop-based course where the principles explained will be verified via practical examples measured by the attendees.  It will cover the use of advanced post-processing algorithms for acoustic cameras which aim to enhance source detection in various situations.  For example SONAH which allows near field source detection down to 40Hz without the prohibitive array size of around 10m which the beamforming algorithms would require.  Various other algorithms will also be covered which for example enhance source separation for coherent sources or allow detection and display of sources over a very large dynamic range.  Rotational beamforming, which uses doppler mathematics to calculate the sound emitted on fast rotating objects (e.g. fans), and rpm based order analysis techniques will also be covered.

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