This is one of the biggest areas of application, where especially premium customers like Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar use our SoundCams to locate various potentially disturbing noises. These fall into categories like BSR (Buzz, Squeak and Rattle), Wind Noise, Drive-by noise and Powertrain (Engine and transmission) noise.

BSR of a Facia on a shaker test rig

Shakers can be used very effectively to excite components or whole vehicles, and a frequency sweep will highlight resonances and cause components to vibrate at their natural frequencies.

Glued Windscreen Leaks/Rattles

Sometimes glue is not correctly applied or distributed between the surfaces causing gaps or potential rattles.  This can be found during a test drive, but it could also be detected on the end-of-line checks using an ultrasonic source and our SoundCam ULTRA, which finds the smallest leaks.

Leaking Seals easily located

With an ultrasound source inside the vehicle the seals can be quickly and easily checked for leaks using our hand-held SoundCam ULTRA.

Rattling Tappets

One of the tappets was clearly rattling on this V12 Jaguar engine.  The SoundCam 2.0 was clearly able to detect which one, even through the metal head covers.