Incredible Features common to all our products

  • easy to use, touch-screen software
  • live beamforming capability at 100 frames/second - see sound propagating through a structure!
  • internal battery - measure continuously for several hours
  • IP54 waterproof - make measurements almost anywhere!
  • optional sophisticated Noise Inspector post-processing software, with a wide range of sophisticated analysis algorithms.  
  • Open the case and start measuring within SECONDS!

New in 2024:

ULTRA3 with 176 Microphones for enhanced leak detection!

The new SoundCam ULTRA3 now has an un-paralleled 176 ULTRASONIC microphones that make it the world's most sensitive leak detecting camera.  Now you can locate energy wasting compressed air, gas or vacuum leaks and partial discharge right down to astonishing low levels!  With its larger, clearer screen and single button set-up and reporting its a robust tool that anyone can use.