Advanced Post Processing Suite

Packed into all our products is an array of powerful FPGA processors which deliver live on-screen acoustic images of the selected frequencies, at a breathtaking 100 Frames/second.  This instant sound visualisation capability is usually more than sufficient to find and understand acoustic sources.  The recordings made are already processed at the distances and frequency ranges set during recording, and cannot be changed afterwards. 
For some applications it can be preferrable to record "raw" time data from the microphones and camera, and do post-processing later.  This way a wide range of different analyses can be done on the same recording, and the test object need only be run for a short time.  The post-processing software includes advanced algorithms, which can for example better separate close sources or extend the dynamic range of sources analysed.  Compensation for movement or wind can be applied to remove inaccuracies otherwise present.  Even rotating objects like fans can be frozen and analysed in fine detail using special "rotational beamforming" algorithms.  Analysis can be done according to orders of rotational speed rather than fixed frequencies, which is necessary for test objects which accellerate or de-cellerate during testing.  The raw data recording and post-processing or "streaming" software is a separate software suite which requires a fast PC to be connected to the SOUNDCAM via a Gigabit ethernet connection during recording.  It also provides a live analysis during recording.