This is an even more compact version of the SOUNDCAM ULTRA without the screen, and packaged in a robust metal housing that makes it virtually indestructible!

The SoundCam Ultra Sensor is an acoustic camera covering the audible and ultrasonic frequency ranges. It has a USB and an ethernet inter- face, which allow connection to a remote PC. The supplied PC software will show the location of acoustic events in real-time at up to 100fps, overlaid on the camera image. 

One or more of these sensors can be combined into your own applications to form complex machine monitoring, leak detection, or animal or traffic monitoring networks, for example. Since the ultrasonic range is also included, leaks, electrical discharge or sparking can be monitored over vast networks. 

The light weight, compact and waterproofed design makes it highly suitable for drone use. No other acoustic camera is so small and flexible, opening up infinite possibilities for new applications!