SoundCam ULTRA Acoustic Camera

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This is the new high-frequency specialist under the SOUNDCAM family.  Like the SOUNDCAM 2.0  it also has ULTRASONIC MICROPHONES capable of locating sources up to 100kHz, which is in the audible range of bats, rather than humans.  So what's the difference?  Well, it's significantly smaller, with a 72 microfone array of just 12cm diameter, it's perfect for finding sources in the high and ultrasonic range, like gas leaks and electrical sparking (as well as bats).  The smaller array size increases the dynamic range even further so that it can even detect very low level vacuum or gas leaks.  It's compact size also makes it very portable and it's ideal for rescue-service use in locating victims buried in avalanches, earthquakes or building collapses.  It uses the same touch-screen, and is easy to use, water resistant, and battery powered for several hours continuous use.  Take it anywhere, turn it on, and see the sound sources live on the screen, superimposed over the video picture.
For a small extra price you can now have THERMAL IMAGING as well as SOUND imaging in one device!

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